Solar Thermal Tube Replacements

Quite often one of our clients will call us to say one or more of their tubes are blown for many reasons from storm damage to overheating and even vandalism. If we know the name of the panels we will to try and contact the manufacturer to get replacements  but unfortunately  a lot of the times unless its a well known manufacturer it can prove quite difficult but Solar Air UK does like a challenge.

We will provide a full solar service and repair at the same time, larger jobs will need to be quoted for and quite often than not we carry spares in our vans.

This particular job in Maidstone Kent has Thermomax tubes from the    late 90’s. We managed to get 6 to replace his broken ones. Sometimes it could be the seal that goes and the tube fills up from the system. You can buy the seals but on the older systems you will probably end up replacing the whole tube as trying to get them out can prove tricky and the glass at the top will break and then theres no going back. The more modern ones are easier as you can disconnect from opening up the manifold. (this is for a Thermomax system, other panels and tubes have their own style)

Biomass Boiler Replacement

Biomass Boiler Replacement.

This Wood Energy Solution (WES) biomass boiler caught alight and we came out to assess and report the damage and the cause for the customers insurance company. This was replaced with an almost identical boiler but in charcoal and not green and different manufacturer (Trianco)  but ultimately the same boiler.